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3 Keys for 2020 NYY Success

Every day that passes gets us a little closer to baseball. With this in mind, we have to get back into that baseball mindset. The Yankees are a win-now team. They have the pieces, they spent the money, now they just need to produce. I have no doubt this team can succeed. They have been title contenders for the past three years and with the acquisition of Gerrit Cole, I think you can even label them as a WS favorite. Here are my three keys to making that all happen: 1.) Please just stay healthy... -The 2019 New York Yankees were an exception in terms of how sports work. 99% of the time, when every single one of your starting players on your roster gets injured, you are destined for failure. The Yanks are lucky they have a good GM and good scouting to keep their roster deep with bench players who had the potential to shine. Then they were lucky those players stepped up to the next level. Very rarely can a team withstand injuries for a full season, but the Yankees did that. I do not think they will be met with as much luck if that happens this season. They need their guys to stay on the field because when they do, they have a deadly lineup and a very solid rotation. This season will also be too short for losing streaks. An 8 game losing streak could be 1/10 of your season lost. You need to stay healthy to avoid any sort of losing streak. 2.) Gerrit Cole needs to pitch like the ace you paid him to be. -We begged, we screamed, we cried, oh please Brian Cashman just please sign Gerrit Cole. Well, he did it. It cost a trillion dollars, but he did it. With Sevy down and Paxton's health being questionable, Gerrit Cole needs to be a guaranteed win every fifth day when he takes the ball. Last year in the ALCS when you saw him listed as the starter, it felt like a loss before he even toed the rubber, he needs to be that exact guy. The Yanks have lacked a true #1 since probably around 2011 when CC's numbers started to dip. Now they have one and I think if Cole pitches like we all know he can, he can put the team on his back in the postseason. 3.) Hit gaps, not dingers. - Do not get me wrong, home runs are probably the best part of baseball. The Yankees are fortunate to have about 4/5 guys in their starting lineup with the ability to hit 30+ homers in a year. However, as we have seen over the past decade that is not how you score in the playoffs. The top two home run hitting teams in the MLB last season (both record-setting) were the Twins and the Yanks. Both were eliminated in the playoffs. In the postseason you are seeing premium pitching and it is not easy to hit three home runs a game of a guy like Justin Verlander. You need to be able to shoot gaps and clog the bases. Solo home runs are great except when you are down three runs. Anything can happen in the playoffs, base runners create havoc, havoc creates errors, and errors lead to crucial runs. I think if some of the guys in the Yanks lineup trade 5 home runs for 10 more singles or doubles you could see their offense transform into something even better than last years. If the Yanks can accomplish these three goals, they will be the team to beat this season. I am sure they are all reading this so, get it done guys... -The Commish

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