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A Long Time Coming

I have been a New York Yankees baseball fan for along as I could remember. I have created this blog because I think that there are a lot of fans out there just like me. I try to watch as many games as possible and as for the games that I can not watch I read the box score and watch the highlights. I would say I am more than a casual fan. For me, when you get to define yourself as a level above the casual fan is when you can discuss a baseball team's farm system. If you know some prospects, who is good, who isn't so good, I respect you. I like to talk baseball with those who have similar knowledge as me. When someone says " we traded for Gerrit Cole this offseason" that is where the conversation will begin and end. If you do not know the difference between free agency and trades, run and "points", saying the score is "5-3" not "3-5", I lose respect for you as a human being. My goal for this blog is to be somewhere where I can share my thoughts about the Yankees and see if those of you who read share my thoughts. My Dad and I have probably discussed Yankees baseball for roughly 300,000,000 hours and I think it is time I get a different point of view. Please always feel free to leave comments. I will be using Instagram as one way of covering this blog. I will post reaction videos, links to my blogs, and general coverage of the Yanks. Give it a follow @yankeesvoice. I hope a year from now I will be able to go back and read this blog and wow, but for me, it is not all about that. Yes, I want to see growth, but more importantly, I want to build a community. A community of baseball fans who have someone they can read and enjoy reading. Stay tuned for more blogs and more importantly, hopefully, the season will get going before August. -The Commish

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