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A-Rods Glow-Up

Alex Rodriguez has had a crazy career in baseball. It has been a long story filled with many ups and downs. How did Alex Rodriguez go from hated Yankee third-baseman to likable on-air personality? July 8th, 1994: A-Rod started off promising as a young buck with the Seattle Mariners. He was a rising star in the league who looked destined to be one of the games best. No reason to dislike him. December 11th, 2000: His rookie deal finally runs out and Arod wants to get payed. Who can blame him? He somewhat sells out and signs with the Texas Rangers for big bucks. Alright he went to a crappy team, but the man got his money, it is what it is. February 15th, 2004: Arod is traded. He was oh so close to being a Boston Red Sock, but this did not end up happening. Arod landed in the pinstripes and the story only gets worse from there.

July 24th, 2004: Arod gets beaned by the pitcher with the weirdest motion in the world (Bronson Arroyo) and Arod was PISSED. He got to shoving with catcher Jason Varitek and before we could even blink Pedro Martinez is throwing old men on the ground because why not? There is no good way of spinning this one. I do not know if it is the frosted tips he had or what, but Arod just looks like a little spoiled toddler who isn't getting what he wants during the whole fight. Arod's stock is only going lower and lower.

December 2007: The Mitchell report comes out and Arod is listed as one of many to be taking steroids. This is not a good look for him and many others. The worst part is the denial that followed as told Katie Couric of CBS this was not true. (it was a lie) January 2013: The biogenesis scandal is leaked and Arod is one of many involved. A suspension would be looming for Arod. At this point, he was not exactly liked and this only made it worse. Arod would now forever be a cheater in the minds of many across baseball. He was given an initial 211 game ban which was the largest in history at the time. After many appeals and lots of drama, it was lessened to 162 but the damage had been done. Between the suspension and his lack of production as a player anymore, Arod's baseball career appeared to be coming to a close. 2016: Arod retires following the season and his baseball career was over. Arod seemed like one of those guys who would never really recover from this. The only way to say relevant after retiring is being very sociable, and having a good personality. From his playing career, he appeared to lack both of those things. January 2018: Arod shocks the world and joins ESPN as an analyst for their baseball games. What? Really? I mean I guess anything beats Jessica Mendoza, but this is a head-scratcher. The weirdest part of all of this was it worked! I do not know if putting him with her made Arod seem more likable because Jessica just isn't but something changed. Arod has a good knowledge of baseball he played for 22 years. However, through giving us this knowledge he has somehow brainwashed us into liking him. Present-day: Arod is a well-liked on-air and off-air personality. His recent use of TikTok is entertaining for all as he dances with his with JLo and his kids. Whether if it is trendy TikTok challenges, cute videos of him playing ball with his kids, or Arod just being nerdy yet funny, Arod is everywhere!

Congratulations Alex, I have no idea how you did it. I do not know how you went from one of sports biggest cheaters and least likable athletes to now a great social media follow, good on-air analyst, and a seemingly better person! Whatever your formula was to make people like you, I think you should send it over to Joe Buck, the world knows he could use it.

- The Commish

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