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Aaron Boone > Joe Girardi

We had one of the weirder moments ( I know it was an exhibition game) in baseball history yesterday. Also one of the most instant blow up in your face managing moments ever.

Vince Velasquez had himself a very nice outing going 5 scoreless innings vs a deep NYY lineup. Great! Perfect! He threw five strong, get him out of there, right? Wrong. Joe Girardi decides hey, you know what could make this outing even better? Instead, of Vince ending his day on a nice note lets make him face one of the most powerful hitters in baseball just to see what happens. Well, guess what Joe, the only that could happen, happened. OF COURSE, Judge is gonna hit a nuke, why wouldn't he?

Any manager with half a brain cell would be happy with what they saw. Velasquez, who is coming off a rough year, looked to be much improved mixing in new pitches. He kept the Yanks off-balance for most of his five innings and spotted well. His facial expression said it all after Judge sent that ball into orbit, "Why THE HELL am I still out here?". Vince got to end his night with a sour taste in his mouth after Judge hung his nuts in Vince's mouth.

Very rarely do you see Major League players confused and that's just how weird the circumstances were here. A double play should end the inning being the third out, but Judge still bats for extra reps (thanks to Joe). Judge then hits the ball into orbit and was like "do I run", "is this rubbing it in?" "so I do run" "oh wait no I don't" "oh wait yeah I do". Meanwhile, you have a thoroughly pissed off Velasquez walking straight to the dugout where I am sure he considered opening Girardi's mask (which wasn't covering his nose btw, nice Joe) and dropping a steamy deuce in said mask just to give Joe a taste of how he felt.

On top of all of this, you just have a smug Aaron Boone realizing why he is sitting in the first base side dugout in Yankee Stadium and not Girardi.


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