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Best Yankee Nicknames

I was watching some old highlights today and it inspired me to make up a list of my favorite Yankee player nicknames. Enjoy! Lawrence Peter Berra- "Yogi" -Possibly more famous than the bear. Lou Gehrig- "The Iron Horse" -"I remember back in the day when nicknames were earned..." George Herman Ruth- "The Babe" or "Babe Ruth" -Maybe the most famous nickname ever. Reggie Jackson- "Mr. October" -All-time classic right there. Derek Jeter- "Mr. November" -Store brand Mr. October, but more millennial. Orlando Hernandez- "El Duque" -Pretty good nickname considering that was all he was ever referred to as. Hideki Matsui- "Godzilla" -A little racist but we will let it slide. Billy Butler- "Country Breakfast" -1. Yes, he was a Yankee for a little while. -2. This is my personal favorite. -3. He looks like a country breakfast. Aroldis Chapman- "The Cuban Missile" -I think he should be called "The Sweaty Turtleneck". Mike Mussina- "Moose" -Plain and simple, love it. Hideki Irabu- "Fat P**sy Toad" -A good ole' fashion George Steinbrenner Classic right there... RIP to both of them :( It seems like nicknames have gotten simpler over the past 100 years. An old classic nickname was always something to the effect of "The Simply Sensational Seattle Swatter". Now they are just "Moose". I think we have gotten lazy. Let's bring back the old nicknames! What would Brett Gardner be? The Bald Ball Battering Bat Basher? I think that as a ring to it... Come back tomorrow for something higher quality than this! -The Commish

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