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Breaking Down the Newly Proposed MLB Divisions

More big news out of the MLB today. Furthering the previously proposed plan to make all teams play in Arizona, the MLB could be converting itself into its Spring Training format. 15 teams in the Cactus League and 15 teams in the Grapefruit League (15 in AZ, 15 in FL). Along with this plan comes new divisions and may I say as a baseball fan I have never been so excited by news released directly from the MLB before. These divisions are radically different from what we are used to. Now keep in mind if the Yankees ended up with a crap division like some teams ended up with maybe I would be singing a different tune. Here are the proposed divisions:

The Grapefruit League: North: New York Yankees | Philadelphia Phillies | Toronto Blue Jays | Detroit Tigers | Pittsburgh Pirates -From a Yankees fan perspective, this could not be any better. Three below average rebuilding teams and a new rivalry with your old manager and shortstop? Sign me up for 130-32 and a one way ticket to the World Series.

South: Boston Red Sox | Minnesota Twins | Atlanta Braves | Tampa Bay Rays | Baltimore Orioles -This is probably the best division in the Grapefruit League. With four strong competitors, it should be a total dog fight. Once again the Orioles will not be able to breathe as they get drowned by superior ball clubs. I like the Rays and Braves battling it out but if I had to chose I would take the Braves with a record of 95-67

East: Washington Nationals | Houston Astros | New York Mets | St. Louis Cardinals | Miami Marlins -This division has a lot of parody from our normal structure. With three members of the NL East, there will be a lot of familiar faces. You love to see the rematch of the 2019 WS on there as I am sure Nats fans will do their part in making sure the Astros are given a warm welcome. Easy choice here with the Nationals taking it with a record of 94-68.

The Cactus League: Northeast: Chicago Cubs | San Francisco Giants | Arizona Diamondbacks | Colorado Rockies | Oakland A's -Once again another division with some repeats as we have three members of the NL West in here. The A's vs Giants matchups should be fun to watch as there is a battle for the bay rivalry going on there. To be fair though I see the A's taking this division in a landslide with a record of 100-62. West: Los Angeles Dodgers | Chicago White Sox | Cincinnati Reds | Cleveland Indians | Los Angeles Angels

-A lot to like here as this is the top division in the Cactus League. Between a WS favorite in the Dodgers, two teams on the rise (being the White Sox, and Reds), a competitive franchise in the Indians, and the Angels with MVP Mike Trout there will be a lot of good baseball played here. I will take the Dodgers with a record of 100-62.

Northwest: Milwaukee Brewers | San Diego Padres | Seattle Mariners | Texas Rangers | Kansas City Royals - No sugar coating this one, this division STINKS. The strongest competitor is the Brewers and that is not saying much as I do not see them improving from last year. The Padres, Mariners, Rangers, and Royals have been 4 of the most lifeless franchises in baseball over the past 3 years. Whoever comes out on top in this division is going to get spanked in the playoffs and it is a disgrace that a strong competitor from another one of these other stacked divisions will not be able to get in. Give me the Brewers with a gritty record of 91-71. Just even thinking about these being a possibility is reinvigorating to me as a baseball fan. It appears to me that maybe they made the first 5 five divisions and forgot they used up all the talented teams and left none for the Northwest, but hey what are you gonna do. All teams in that division have tiny fanbases anyways so who cares what they think. If these divisions hold up and the plan is pushed through, I can not wait to watch the Yankees lose zero games of baseball this year. See you in October! -The Commish

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