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Can Pitchers Please Stop Hitting?

I have been a Yankees fan for my whole life. I guess as a result of this I would qualify myself as an "AL guy" if I had to pick a league. I will say this one time and one time only, the AL is the far superior league and it is not even close. NO ONE likes watching pitchers hit, no one. Yes, it's funny every once a while, someone its a home run, or maybe they get a couple of hits, but that is not enough to justify an automatic out 9/10 times.

The MLB is concerned with the pace of play and getting new fans to watch. They have added players weekend and they try to make the all-star weekend a bigger spectacle each year to draw in fans. I have many friends who are not baseball people and every single time when I ask, "Why don't you like it?" they always say, "Because it's boring." They are not wrong. Baseball can be very boring sometimes, it's a 162 game season it would be impossible to have interesting games every time. Rumor has it morons do tend to have short attention spans.

One thing that is not helping the boredom is pitchers hitting. Stop letting pitchers hit. Plain and simple. Why make the two leagues different anyways it is so confusing for new fans. In no other major sports are the rules different because of the league you play in. That would be like the western conference in basketball having their three-point line be moved back 5 extra feet. Or it would be like the NFC in football only using 10 players when the AFC uses 11 on the field at one time. No reason justifies keeping the pitcher hitting besides the old geezers who love their "good ole NL baseball". Just shut up Tim McCarver. It is not 1955 anymore grandpa. Pitchers are paid to pitch, right? And position players are paid to hit and field, right? Then let's keep it that way. 

The other thing is, it is unfair to the AL teams in the World Series. It is a complete advantage in every to the National League team. They are the ones who have been bunting, double switching and playing that way the whole year. Now all of a sudden Masahiro Tanaka has to grab a bat in the World Series and it's 50/50 he either misses the bunt or breaks his hand trying. Then when it flips and goes back to the AL stadium its no disadvantage at all to the NL team because now they can add their fourth outfielder or someone with a decent bat to the lineup to fill the DH spot and its all even. 

The MLB could never take away the DH because the players union would shut it down. That would be taking jobs away from players, it would never fly. However, I would be shocked if the MLB proposed to make the DH universal and it got shut down. It would create more jobs for players, less work for pitchers, fewer injuries for pitchers, and less variation between the two leagues. Commissioner Manfred, you have nothing else better to be doing right now, let's clean this rule up for when baseball comes back alright? Thanks.

-The (actual) Commish

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