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Do the Yankees Need to Stop Retiring Numbers?

The New York Yankees are a historic franchise. As we all know, they have won 27 World Series over their time in Major League Baseball. With that being said, it's hard to win titles without great players. The Yankees have had countless stars on their teams over the years. Do not get me wrong, I think the tradition of retiring jerseys is a good one. I think it is a nice way to appreciate what a player has done for your team over the course of their career (besides the millions of dollars you pay them). The Yankees maybe have been a little too generous in terms of handing out these jersey number retirements. There are a few players who are iffy at best in Monument Park. Phil Rizzuto is a prime example. He had a career .273 batting average over thirteen seasons. He happened to win 10 World Series in his 13-year career. Now did the Yankees win because of Phil? No. Did he happen to be there when they won? Yes. Another example, Elston Howard was the first black payer to play for the Yankees. I understand this is a very important part of history for the Yanks, but he was not a career Yankee like most in Monument Park are, and besides his MVP in 1963, his stats do not exactly jump off the charts. Jackie Robinson's number is retired in every team ballpark for a reason, I think retiring Howard's for that reason as well takes away from Robinson a little bit. I understand that is all a very controversial subject so it is hard to argue the Yanks decision and I think it is a nice gesture. If it were up to me though, I would not say Howard stands among the greats such as Mickey Mantle and Babe Ruth. I also think retiring Andy Pettitte is a controversial call. I grew up watching Pettitte and I understand his postseason stats are second to none. However, Andy left the team in his prime and on top of that tested positive for HGH. Again if it were up to me, number 46 would still be available. The Yanks still have plenty of numbers, but if they continue at the rate they are going, they will have to be using triple digits by 2050. I mean who is next? It seems the Yanks lower their standards every year. Is Brett Gardner going to get in? He has been a life long Yankee no matter how middle of the road his stats have been for the most part. Is CC Sabathia going to get inducted? He did spend many years with the Yanks and won a title with them, even though he did not spend his entire career there. What about Robinson Cano? Similar career to Andy Pettitte. He did id not spend it all with the Yanks, but when he was with the team he was a very productive player for a little less than a decade. I feel as though the more numbers that get added to Monument Park the less special it is for every new player who gets inducted. It is going to turn into an Emmy, everyone has one. Seeing their current roster, hopefully, if all goes well, one day #99 and #25 will be immortalized as well. I always find my Dad and I discussing this subject more often than we should for some reason. So, I figured I'd toss my opinion out to you guys. If you disagree let me know in the comments down below or comment on the post for this blog on my Instagram page @theyankeesvoice! -The Commish

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