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Fake Fan Noise or Silence?

Ah, the age-old question...

Well for me this is a tough one to chose. We have never heard the game without fan noise, but on the other hand, there are these clips from the intersquads where you can hear the crack of the bat and there is nothing more satisfying.

Fake Fan Noise Pros:

  • Will feel more normal

  • Keep the intensity up for players

  • Players more comfortable?

Fake Fan Noise Cons:

  • We know its fake

  • Hearing it without fans will be weird on its own

  • Unsure if it will react depending on the play (ex. roar on a home run)

Silence Pros:

  • Can hear the crack of the bat

  • More mic'd opportunities 

  • Being able to hear player reactions very clearly (such as Tommy Kahnle screaming F**k even when he strikes out the side on 9 pitches)

Silence Cons:

  • Potential to make a sometimes boring game even more boring

  • Will take some time to adjust to

  • More emphasis on the announcers which we do not really need

If it were me I think I would sign up for the fake fans in the seats accompanied by the fake fan noise. This season is already going to be weird enough with the new length and the rules changes, we might as well try to add some normalcy where we can, right?


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