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Finally Some Baseball News!

It has been a rough few weeks here as fans with no sports to watch. Specifically for us baseball fans this is a particularly hard time seeing that the MLB season would be underway right now and so much baseball would be being played. But finally, during this horrific cycle of terrible news, we have been gifted a sliver of light at the end of the tunnel. But lets get one thing straight..... the proposed plan is weird W-E-I-R-D WEIRD. For us baseball fans we have been watching the same sport for decades and it has not changed much. I mean old school baseball guys were getting bent out of shape over adding a wild card let alone a second one. So here are some of the highlights of the proposed plan: -The season would start possibly sometime during May. ---This is the best news we have had yet, there are talks of the NFL not being played at all and we might get baseball back in May!? I can sign up for that! -The games will be played in the Phoenix area between Chase Field (home of the Dbacks) and 10 other spring training facilities with no fans. --- This is not a bad idea taking advantage of all the fields in the area because of the Cactus League. No fans will be weird, but hey, baseball is baseball. -The teams will play seven-inning double headers to try to get as close to a 162 game season as possible. ---Alright, hold the phone? What is this Little League? These guys are major league players and they can barely handle 25 games in 30 days let alone 60 in 30. Do not get me wrong, in terms of a fan this is awesome, but you have to think of the quality of baseball that will be being played. Teams seem to need a week to recover from one doubleheader or even one 13 inning game. This idea though interesting, could lead to a lot of problems. -They would implement an electronic strike zone to keep proper social distancing protocols between umpires and the catcher. ---Alright, this seems weird. These guys are going to be playing for possibly 4-5 straights months altogether. By doing this you are already taking the chance of someone getting it. On top of this, it is mentioned that everyone (umpires, players, managers, trainers, etc.) will be kept in the Phoenix area in hotels staying away from others in-between games, only leaving to travel and play games. This just makes little sense because they are all quarantined outside the game and during the games they have to get close to one another. So if that is the case, why are the batter and catcher allowed to stay next to each other? Altogether weird reasoning. -No mound visits from the catcher or the pitching coach. --- I do not mind this because it keeps the games quick. I do think maybe one per game would be fair. I don't know, maybe they could do it from a distance a yell to each other. Maybe make the other team plug their ears and play the honor system. This is professional baseball where a lot is on the line. One pitch, one at-bat, one game can end up making all the difference in the quest for a ring so If they need to talk things over it is going to be hard not to let them do that. -Regular on-field microphone usage by players. --- This is awesome. Players mic'd up in spring training were great and fans love it. The bottom line is that it is good content and they are going to have to replace having fans cheering with something else to keep viewers happy. -Maybe the funniest one of all, players will use the stands instead of dugouts sitting six seats away from one another.

---I know social distancing, trust me I get it. But these guys are going to be around each other and invading each other's personal space so much there is no avoiding it. Just let the guys sit-in the dugout so Aaron Judge doesn't roll and ankle walking from the 15th row to the batter's box... please. All in all, it is exciting to even be hearing talks about the season starting. Like all the things, even if a few of these rules get implemented it will be weird at first, but in time we will get used to it. And hey, who isn't to say baseball could maybe use a little facelift right? The game has been the same forever so, half a season of weird baseball could put some things in perspective. Maybe even attract some newer, younger fans. Lord knows the league could use it. It would be like the XFL of baseball, but if the NFL decided to adopt all of their fun weird rules like they should have years ago. Anyways, I am willing to give it a chance and I think I speak for all of us when I say we will do anything to get some baseball back in our lives.

- The Commish

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