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He was a Yankee?

All over social media (including @yankeesvoice, give it a follow) I have been seeing old Yankee highlights. This got me thinking many times "He was really Yankee? Ohhhh yeah he was, wasn't he." This has inspired me to make a list of all-time forgotten Yankees over the past years. Enjoy! 1.) Ivan Rodriguez -Pudge was with the Yanks for 33 games in 2008. With Posada injured and Jose Molina not a great everyday option for the Yanks they added some depth by the addition of Pudge. In 101 AB's he hit .219 with 2 homers. 2.) Brian Roberts -In 2014 they Yankees had an opening at second base. With Cano gone the Yanks had to make a move and with that move, they signed the injury-prone Brian Roberts. Roberts was a familiar face as he had been an Oriole for the past 12 years. In this forgettable season with the Yanks, he hit .237 with 5 home runs in what ended up being his final MLB season. 3.) Lance Berkman - Berkman had been one of the better hitters from 2000-2010. He was a switch hitter who could hit for average. I even remember when they made that trade in 2010 and I was excited about it, but Lance did not produce. The man hit .255 with one bomb in his short-lived Yankee career. Thanks for nothing, Lance. 4.) Andruw Jones - In 2011 and 2012 Jones served a role in the Yanks rotating outfield. Jones provided some pop even at the end of his career as he hit 13 and 14 home runs in 2011/2012. However, he did not hit for much average as he hit .247 in 2011 and then dropped 50 points down to .197 in 2012. He was a decent fourth outfielder to have play when a lefty was on the bump. 5.) Lyle Overbay -Little do people remember big ole' Lyle was the Yanks 1B for the entire 2013 season. Again, how Girardi won 90 games with these teams is beyond me. Lyle played a respectable 142 games hitting .240 with 14 home runs. Lyle had a big slow lefty swing, but when he connected it was guaranteed to reach the third deck. 6.) Billy Butler - Oh man, do I love myself some country breakfast. Billy Butler was built like a mini-fridge, but man could this guy rake. Like many of the men on this list, Billy played his last few games in the pinstripes, playing 12 games in 2016. But hey, the man was still productive hitting .345 with a dinger. His nickname alone was going to get him on the list (check out my top Yankee nickname article for some good ones if you are bored). 7.) Andrew Bailey - Oh boy, is this a throwback. Does anyone else remember this guy? He came up in 2009 and was electric being one of the best closers in baseball. He followed up his ERA of 1.84 in 2009 with an ERA of 1.47 in 2010! The guy was nasty. Though appearing to be the next Mariano Rivera, Bailey started to regress in 2011 then got dealt to the Red Sox in 2012 where injuries began. After missing 2014 with Tommy John surgery the Yanks took a flyer on him in 2015. He stunk giving up 5 runs in 8 and 2/3's innings. Bailey has been out of the league since 2017. I hope you guys enjoyed this list, I know the nostalgia alone made it fun for me to make. Hopefully, there will be more baseball news this week the I will be able to report on. Stay safe and Happy Easter! - The Commish

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