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I'm Baaaaack

To anyone reading this article I appreciate you for coming back. I had to take some time off for a couple of reasons. One being that my family was in the process of moving coupled with the fact that when I started this blog back in March I figured baseball was going to be back by May sometime. Well as they say some things are bigger than sports, and as COVID continued to wreak havoc on our country and many others, baseball had to be put on the back burner. The bottom line was, I did not have too much time to write and frankly writing about the players association and the owners playing cat and mouse everyday would not have been not my cup of tea. The good news is now baseball (fingers crossed) should be returning July 23rd and I could not be more excited. There are so many details to get into and breakdown now that the plan is set and taking place as we speak.

Number one- Are you kidding me? The Yanks practice for one day and Masahiro Tanaka gets domed by a 200 mph snot rocket off the bat of Stanton. Give me a break, like yes don't get me wrong the 2019 next man up Yankees were fun, but if I have to suffer through another season like that in terms of injuries I may have to take it upon myself to become the next Yankees trainer so I can personally protect these guys 24/7. Tanaka is concussed and as we all know concussions can be very tricky. He could be good to go in two weeks or two months, only time will tell.

Number two- DJ Lemahieu has the 'rona. I refuse to believe this, there is no way DJ did not spend his whole quarantine in a cabin deep in the woods somewhere hunting animals. If I had to guess an over/under of the number of people he has come in contact with these past two months I would put it at 0.5, and I would take that under. I am sure he will be back on time, but this one just makes no sense to me. Luis Cessa also has it and don't get me wrong I wish him a speedy recovery, but let's not act like his numbers would be any different with or without the 'rona.

Number Three- The full 60 game schedule just came out and I have no doubt in my mind the Yanks can win 38-40 games if they play to their full potential. What made the Yankees so good last year was they beat the teams they were supoosed to beat, they very rarely played down to inferior opponents. If they clean up against Baltimore, the Mets, Miami, and Toronto, they will be in great shape.

Its good to be back and thank you guys for reading, more to come soon...

-The Commish

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