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I'm More Concerned about the Blue Jays than the Red Sox Going Forward

I happened to flip onto MLB Network the other day and they showed a Blue Jays scrimmage and it was upsetting. Looking at their projected lineup while simultaneously seeing Vlad Jr. hitting nukes was unsettling. The Jays are young and they can swing it. They are led by their core of Vlad Jr., Cavan Biggio, Bo Bichette, and Lourdes Gurriel. Though the Jays pitching is thin they have some prospects in the pipeline including Nate Pearson, and Simeon Woods-Richardson who appear to be studs. We have also learned if your team can create some hype the free agents will come so they can always land pitching down the line.

I know the Red Sox will eventually recover and be a solid team as they usually are, but I think the Blue Jays have the potential to have a long window to be able to challenge for the AL East. The Red Sox are not young and their farm system has been weak for a long time, their system was ranked 20th for 2020 season.

The main issue for me is, even while the Jays have been mediocre for the past 3-4 years the Yanks always have issues with them no matter what roster the Jays have been trotting out there. Though the Yanks have the season series 24-14 over the past three years the jays never play a cheap game, the keep it close and sweaty. The Rogers Centre is also a tough place to play in especially when they actually have fans, we all know it gets LOUD.

This blog may not age well, but I just have a bad feeling in my stomach about this team. Shame for the Blue Jays the Yanks are gonna 1000 games over the next 10 years.

-The Commish

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