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It is Monday and the Yankees are Falling Apart

At this point, I think we are going to have to make a new rule for all Yankee players. Once you leave the facility you are to wrap yourself in bubble wrap and go to sleep.

I am so sick and tired of this team's health. Somehow Aroldis Chapman has tested positive for the 'rona even though he was cleared for play not even five days ago. This raises so many questions. How is this possible? How did he get it? Where did he get it? How many players did he infect? Was he following the protocols for when he is not on the field?

Surprise, surprise, Aaron Judge is being held from playing with a stiff neck. Do not get me wrong I love Judge and I love Stanton. Sometimes though, I think these guys are too "big" for their own good. To be fair I have no idea how much they lift and all that, but based on what their muscles look like I would guess it is a lot since they're both jacked. Also, a stiff neck? Do the Yankees really not have access to the best masseuse on this plant to help make Judge's neck feel loose as a goose? Hell, fly me down I'll give it my best shot on those massive traps.

We already know that Tanaka has been concussed, but there has been no further good news on that front either.

Stop hitting each other in the head with baseballs, stop somehow getting COVID when you're supposed to be staying away from others, and stop lifting so much. Exhibition game this week though, baseball is soooooooo close to actually once and for all being... (wait for it) .....back.

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