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Oh man have I missed this, ohhhhhhh man have I missed this. The Yanks are back and they are crushing baseballs. The Yanks took two steamy dumps on the Mets this weekend (as per usual) while also taking down the Nats in their first game back. The Yanks looked like they are in midseason form as the Mets looked as if they hadn't touched a baseball during these past four months.

The bats were alive as it seemed that everyone got in the action racking up the base hits not to mention five bombs the other night. What I was happy to see was that Judge, Stanton, and Sanchez were not missing bad pitches. If these guys are going to be hitting the way they should, they can not miss mistakes, and they didn't.

I was pleasantly surprised by the pitching, especially by Montgomery. He and Johnny Lasagna looked sharp the other night combining for eight scoreless innings.

It may be weird, but as a Yankee fan I hate the Mets more than the Red Soz at times so watching this all happen against the Mets made it even sweeter.

Tonight will be worth tuning into because the young buck Deivi Garcia gets the all vs. the Phillies. I have been hot on the Deivi for a couple of years now and I want him to pan out more than any other Yankee prospect. He did not look great in his few Spring training outings so hopefully, he looks sharp because I would love to watch him make an impact on this season's team.

I know all of this doesn't count, but it is just so exhilarating so have a real non-soccer sport to watch. Real meaningful baseball will be back later this week and I can not wait. Let's go Yanks


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