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It's Time to Let it Grow

Recently Phillies OF Andrew McCutchen has been in the news for his comments about the Yankees facial hair policy. Being a Yankee fan, I love how tradition is built into the culture of this organization. Tradition is what makes the Yankees "The Yankees". The pinstripes, the success, the white facade atop the stadium, all of it sets the Yanks apart. However, times can change. We live in a MUCH more different world than when the club was founded in 1901.

What I like about baseball now versus when I first started watching is that there is way more personality in the game. Players have fun, they express themselves, they can build a brand for themselves. Take Trevor Bauer for example, he has his own media company helping to try and grow the sport outside of the actual game. People love what he puts out and his company has been growing exponentially over the past few months. We as fans love when we can relate to players, and see that they are humans just like us. With that being said why not let your players grow their hair and facial hair as they wish? Are the Yankees really willing to stunt the growth of baseball when it needs it most just so they do not tarnish some ridiculous, out of date 100 year rule they have? What makes all of this even more ridiculous is that they allow mustaches? What? Why? Facial hair is facial hair why discriminate between it? Let these guys be who they are, let them look how they want to look. I mean just imagine Luke Voit with a huge beard he would be the most intimidating player in baseball. Let's not act like Gerrit Cole doesn't look weird without his beard, he just does. If Cole gets rocked his first few starts the Yanks are gonna have to change that rule ASAP if it turns out all of his mojo was in his beard.

If you let the beards grow you let the players personalities grow, if you let their personalities grow the game will grow. It's really simple math Mr. Steinbrenner.

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