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My MLB Season Proposal

With the news coming out yesterday about the new idea for the MLB season, it has given me a lot to think about. Though some parts of the plan I do not mind, other parts do not seem right to me as a baseball fan. Here is my proposed idea for the 2020 baseball season: The season will start (hoping all is going well in terms of coronavirus) on July 1st. If the MLB thinks that their plan could come into effect by May then I think a soft start date of July 1st is fair. The games will be played as per usual MLB rules from there on out. Each team will play 29 days a month from July 1st to October 31st. This will allow one off-day every two weeks for the teams. This will be a 116 game season. The 1995 season was 144 games, this would only be a 28 game difference. 116 goes is still longer than any other sporting season and leaves plenty of time for the real contenders to sort themselves out from the normal two-month shocking contenders who tend to burn out by July. The teams will play at their home ballparks for the regular season. The playoffs will be held in the same area of Phoenix the MLB planned on in their proposal to start the season. With ten spring training fields and Chase Field, there will be plenty of grass to plan on. This also solves the issue of having to play November baseball in the cold. The only issue will be no "home-field advantage" for anyone unless the Dbacks sneak into the playoffs, but that will not happen anyways. Home field advantage (in terms of home gamester series) will be decided by their records, even the World Series. No fans will be allowed until cleared by the government or a scientist or whoever gets to decide it is safe to have large groups people together again. The trade deadline instead of July 31st will now be held on August 31st giving teams two months to figure out if they are all in or out. There will be no all-star game and no all-star week held, but all-stars will be voted upon at the end of the season at the same time as MVP and CY Young's are announced. This is so the players who deserve it can be given the recognition they have earned. The games will be playing 9 innings with all players in dugouts, and the standard home plate umpire as well. It is silly to try to restrain things such as that. Number one, hopefully by then this will not be such an issue seeing that it will be 3 months from now giving the virus some time to die out, and hopefully, the warmer weather does its job. Number two, these guys umpires included, are going to be around each other a lot so there is no avoiding the virus at that point, might as well play normally. I think many baseball fans will prefer this idea. Instead of some weird gimmick of a season, we will get the sport we all grew up loving. No team is going to want to win the World Series with an asterisk next to it ( cough cough Houston Astros ), but at least with this season, the players can take pride in the product they have produced. They will be playing the same game, just a little bit less of it. Let me know your thoughts below! -The Commish

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