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My Picks for Tonight

Sports and more specifically baseball are officially back today and that also means that sports betting is back. That's right all you degenerates out there can stop betting on the MLS and actually start caring about what you waste your money on again.

We have two games being played tonight as many of you already know. Yanks vs Nats / Dodgers vs Giants.

Being a Yankee fan and also having the utmost confidence in Gerrit Cole to deliver I like the Yankees in this game.

Official pick: Yanks -132 (it's the Yankees, kinda have to)

Others picks for Yanks vs Nats:

Nats +1.5 (I think they will keep it tight)

Over 7.5 (these opening day games get crazy)

Giants vs Dodgers:

Official pick: Dodgers -1.5 (it isn't gonna be close)

Other pics for Giants vs Dodgers

Giants +250 (great value, Dodgers -300 is worthless for casual bettors, that being said if you lots of guap I would bet the ranch on the Dodgers)

Over 8 (life is too short to bet the under)

I hope these picks treat you well I would personally stick with the two official picks, but hey do what you want. Best of luck and let's go Yanks!

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