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Orioles Only Lose by 6 in Stunning Turn of Events

The Yanks beat the Baltimore Orioles last night by a score of 9-3 in Camden Yards. The bats were swinging early as the Yanks hung a 2 spot in the top of the first thanks to a DJ solo HR to lead off the game accompanied by two catchers interference by Pedro Severino sett up a sac fly by Mike Ford. The O's responded by getting one back in the bottom half. After that Cole settled down retiring 19 of the next 20 batters he encountered. During that time Judge and Hicks each went yard then followed by DJ and Judge tacking on RBI singles to stretch the lead to 7-1. Cole was on fire for the majority of the game then in the bottom of the seventh over the course of three quick pitches he gave up a double, home run, then another double which lead to his exit after 6 2/3. It was a good outing by Cole maybe he was a little over his pitch limit, but hey you can afford that in games like these when you're up 6 runs. The bottom line is he put the Yanks in a position to win which he is paid to do. DJ and Judge really lead the way with the bats and the rest of the lineup helped out in this win. I said this once and I'll say it again, as long as the Yankees win the game they should win, beating the teams they should beat, they'll put themselves in a great place for success.

Onto the negatives... Shockingly Gary Sanchez struck out three more times last night as he is now 0-12 with 8 K's. He is painful to watch at the dish as he just whiffs at the same outside slider. Sometimes I question Gary's intelligence. Yes, he is slumping, but who is dumb enough to swing at the same pitch 9 times a night knowing damn well that's what's coming. Brett Gardner continued to show age as he struck out a whopping four times as he is now 0-11 with 7 K's and a walk. All I will say on the matter is that there is very little you can do about Gary. He needs to work his counts and take walks while trying to drive the ball the other way. He is a streaky hitter so the Yanks have little choice in what to do with him as they will just have to ride it out seeing he is their primary catcher. Brett Gardner on the other hand, there is something that can be done. The Yankees have a plethora of outfielders and they continue to trot Brett out there to "work the count" and still K three times a night? Give me a break, this season is not long enough to let guys play just because they are veterans. The Yankees owe Brett Gardner nothing, it is a miracle they even gave him a contract for this season. The fact that Clint Frazier is kicking dirt in the minor leagues or wherever he is right now is embarrassing. Yes, he is below average in the outfield, but he is a major league bat who I would guarantee would have at least two hits by now. I am not saying get rid of Brett, but when you have 5-6 good OF options and you decide to put the same guy out there who is not producing, you are hurting the team.

Tonight's matchup will be JA Happ (gross) vs John Means, the O's ace. This is the best chance the O's will have for a win vs the Yanks all season so this will be one to watch. Yanks by a million.


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