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Rob Manfred is a MORON

NBA, bubble. NHL, two bubbles. The MLB, idiots.

While the MLB was wasting months on end arguing about the salary that these players will be receiving, they squandered valuable time that could have spent figuring out a better way of keeping the players safe and ensuring the season runs smoothly. Yes, it is easy to say bubbles work and traveling doesn't after the fact but we are merely one series into the season and the Miami Marlins shit the bed.

Traveling is traveling and freedom is freedom. Clearly, the players in the league are at way too high of a risk for exposure than they should be. Why did the MLB not enforce a bubble? You have 30 teams, ten teams per bubble, three bubbles. You make those bubbles in cities with two MLB fields such as NY, Chicago, and LA. Or you could have even kept it spring training style keeping each league in Flordia and Arizona where there are so many fields, it may not have been a bubble, but it's less travel and you could add more limitations.

BUT NO. The league decided to argue over money for a season that may not even exist if everything continues at one large outbreak per series. I know there are rules in place for these players, but they are clearly too easy to break. The most concerning part? The league seemed dumbfounded when all of this happened! As if there was no protocol set in place for an outbreak of an infectious disease that has been running rampant in our country going on fourth months now! Idiots, just plain idiots. Rob Manfred and his goofy tooth gap face. Grow up Rob, use your brain, everyone hates you. That's it, that's my rant. Bye.


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