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Some Good News!

It seems we are hopefully entering the home stretch of quarantine here as many states will be opening up within the month or by June 1st. This nice weather has kept me in a good mood throughout this past week of quarantine, but this news from baseball today is very encouraging. Keep in mind this is just a tweet from a former MLB player, but hey they probably know more than we do right? Trevor Plouffe, former MLB third basemen, tweeted out earlier today: "Want some good baseball news? I just heard from multiple sources that on June 10th, Spring Training 2 will start. July 1st will be Opening Day and all teams will be playing at their home ballparks." This is very encouraging for us baseball fans. Plouffe has been giving out as much info as he has been able to throughout this pandemic in terms of baseball. I really want to believe this statement, and honestly, he gains very little from spreading lies as it appears he has been trying to grow on social media since his departure from the MLB. So I am going to guess there is is truth to what he is saying. This plan sounds great to me. Give the guys a quick Spring Training to tune themselves up for about 3 weeks then get into it. I always hated how Spring Training lasted like a month and a half. It was always too long and someone important from each team always seems to end up injured by the end of it. Playing at each teams home ballpark is huge. The games will already be weird enough with no fans (I am assuming that will be the case) so might as well bring some normalcy to the game where you still can. There is no word if there will be increased gameplay via seven-inning doubleheaders, or what, but my guess is that there will be a LOT of baseball played down the stretch of July through September. My thought is to move the playoffs into stadiums with domes. That way you could extend the regular season in October for more regular season games, then the playoffs could take place in November... just a thought. I know this news brightened my day and I hope it did for you guys as well. I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy during these unprecedented times. Do not worry baseball will be back and better than ever before we know it! -The Commish

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