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Team Predicitons/Awards

We are officially one week, seven short days away from MLB Opening Day...

Let's get some Yankee predictions going, shall we?

Team MVP: Gleyber Torres

  • This one is a no brainer here. He is the young cornerstone of the Yanks middle infield for years to come. Gleyber can hit for power, average, and to all fields. He's not too shabby with the glove either. Though he might not be the best hitter in any specific category he is easily the most well rounded. 

Team CY Young: Gerrit Cole

  • 324 Million US Dollars... he better be.

Breakout Candidate: Clint Frazier

  • It is make or break for Clint this year. He has shown he can swing it, but between injuries and shaky defensive play in the outfield, it has been hard for him to see a lot of playing time. I think if he gets enough AB's he can be similar to Torres in that he will be a well-rounded bat hitting for extra bases and using that short porch in right to his advantage. That being said, if the Yanks don't play him I have said this once and I will say it again, trade him. It's not right to Clint to waste away his best years sending him up down or sitting him when he would be starting on 20+ other MLB rosters. 

Comeback Player of the Year: Miguel Andujar

  • This is an easy choice. Missing most of 2019 Miggy is poised to make his presence felt again. If they can get 2018 Andujar back that is a prime middle of the lineup bat and he will make the Yanks lineup that much deeper.

Letdown Year Candidate: Brett Gardner

  • Oh, say it ain't so. Let's be honest here we are all thinking it. Gardner, entering his age 36 season ( he will be 37 in August), is not what he used to be. Gardy will still give you a good AB, but between Judge, Stanton, Tauchman, and Frazier the Yankees have younger and better options in the OF. I think Brett will serve a purpose on this team, but using his as your opening day starting LF is a mistake in my opinion. 

Gold Glove: Gio Urshela

  • The man is a magician with the glove. This is a no brainer.

Batting Title: DJ Lemahieu

  • Another easy choice, with DJ's, Jeter like ability to slap the ball through the 3-4 hole whenever he wants, it will be easy for DJ's average to hover above .300 this season. For guessing purposes I'll say .324, don't quote me (unless this is correct, then you better quote me). 

Home Run King: Giancarlo Stanton

  • " **whispers** How could he not choose Judge? ... Stanton is always injured... Will he even play every day?" Guys, this is the dude who hit FIFTY-NINE nukes in 2017, not to mention 38 in 2018. I think when Stanton is hot there are few scarier hitters in baseball. Sign me up for 22 homers in this short season from Big G. 

Best Bullpen Arm: Aroldis Chapman

  • Though he always seems to have a shaky week that makes us all wanna vomit for seven straight games, Chappy always figures it out. When he is on his game I doubt there is a pitcher in this league batters would rather avoid more. 

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