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Oh man, what a rush. Baseball is back, the Yankees are back, sports are back! The Yanks looked good last night vs the reigning champion Washington Nationals. Cole did not look super sharp, but he is so damn good he just powered his way through five innings. CG in his first start...

Giancarlo Stanton started it off with a bang spanking a 460-foot nuke into left-center field. He also had an RBI single later in the game. Good to see he is feeling good. A guy like Stanton may benefit from no fans so he can just focus on annihilating baseballs. Judge also had two hits including an RBI double. If the Yanks can have this tandem firing on all cylinders they may be the scariest duo in the league.

There were some negatives. Don't get me wrong Max Scherzer is a dominant pitcher in this game but he made a bunch of Yankees look pitiful. Gary Sanchez swung at the same slider 9 times adding up for three strikeouts, like actually. He needs to be able to lay off the low and away slider or he will get worked every at-bat this year. Gardy looked flustered, if it wasn't the first game of the year I think he would have squared Angel Hernandez (WHO IS SOMEHOW STILL UMPIRING LET ALONE THE CREW CHIEF ON OPENING DAY) over a terrible called third strike. Sadly, the game got called final after five innings, but hey a win is a win.

Oh, and Dr. Fauci threw a top three worst first pitch ever behind Carly Rae Jepson and 50 Cent. Honestly, it fits his personality, just disappointing at all times.

Also, let it be known my picks were 2-0 last night so maybe I should make picks more often. More Yankee's baseball Saturday, let's go Yanks!

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