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The All-Time NYY 25 Man Roster

You could make 50 of these lineups and not be wrong. It is very subjective, but for me, this is my all-time NYY starting lineup:

  1. SS Derek Jeter 

  2. CF Joe DiMaggio

  3. 1B Lou Gerhig

  4. RF Babe Ruth

  5. LF Mickey Mantle

  6. 3B Alex Rodriguez

  7. DH Don Mattingly 

  8. C Yogi Berra

  9. 2B Willie Randolph

This team would do some DAMAGE. There is a good blend of hitting for contact and power on this team as well. Below are my starting 5:

  1. Whitey Ford

  2. Ron Guidry

  3. CC Sabathia

  4. Andy Pettitte

  5. Mike Mussina

With four lefty starters, this would be a weird rotation. All of these guys in my mind are all game seven, give me the ball type of pitchers. Below is the bullpen:

  1. Closer- Mariano Rivera

  2. RP- Goose Gossage 

  3. LP- Aroldis Chapman

  4. LP- Sparky Lyle

  5. LP- Dave Righetti

  6. RP- Jeff Nelson

  7. RP- Dellin Betances

The only questionable one is Betances, but he might be the "nastiest" pitcher the Yankees have ever had. When he was right he was completely unhittable. Below is the bench:

  1. C Thurman Munson

  2. 2B Robinson Cano

  3. OF Bernie Williams

  4. OF Reggie Jackson

Imagine this being your bench...sheesh. If you disagree with this roster, comment below! Or comment on the Instagram post for this blog @theyankeesvoice!

-The Commish

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