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The All-Time Worst NYY 25-Man Roster

You read the best NYY 25 man roster yesterday, now time to flip the coin and see some of the worst players to ever don the pinstripes. Before we dive into it let it be known this list is based on both contracts and stats. Below is the starting lineup:

  1. DH Chris Carter

  2. C Red Kleinow

  3. 1B Nick Johnson

  4. 2B Stephen Drew

  5. 3B Butch Hobson

  6. SS Ramiro Pena

  7. LF Randy Winn

  8. CF Deion Sanders

  9. RF Jacoby Ellsbury

This lineup gives me shivers just thinking about it...Next is the pitching staff:

  1. Kei Igawa

  2. Carl Pavano

  3. Javier Vasquez

  4. Chris Capuano

  5. AJ Burnett

This staff is made up of bad contracts and continuous disappointment. Onto the bullpen:

  1. Bryan Mitchell

  2. Anthony Swarzak

  3. Esmil Rodgers

  4. Kyle Farnsworth

  5. Eli Grba (no that isn't a spelling error)

  6. Brien Taylor

  7. Jose Contreras

Gross. Just gross. Now onto the bench, the best of the best...

  1. C Chris Stewart

  2. IF Kevin Youkilis

  3. DH Steve Balboni

  4. OF Vernon Wells

Well, that is that. I think this team would win 25 games if they played a full season. The team reeks with failure and terrible contracts. I hope you enjoyed! If you have anyone you would have added to the list comment below! Or comment on the Instagram post for this blog on our Instagram account @theyankeesvoice!

 -The Commish

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