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The Top Five NYY Teams Ever

The Yankees are one of the few franchises they even have a top-five list of their best seasons and have them all be championship-winning seasons. The Yankees dominated in the 1900s, but their luck has not been as fortunate this century. Hopefully, they will be able to turn that around this decade. Below is MY top ten best Yankee teams ever: 1.) 1998 Yankees (114-48) -Alright before you scream about the 1927 team hear me out. As I write more blogs you will learn this about me as a baseball fan. I respect any team/player who plays in today's baseball much more than those who played in the 1950s and earlier. It is a fact that the game was different then. The players were smaller, less talented, and to be fair only white players could play for most of that time period. They are not comparable to me. This 1998 team would kill that 1927 team in today's game. They won a total of 125 games, steamrolling their opponents in the playoffs only losing 2 games along the way. I will put this team up against any baseball team ever. 2.) 1927 Yankees (110-44) -Now with all of that said, this Murder's Row team is hard to knock. The offensive output is unmatchable with a team average of .307. Any team with Lou Gehrig and Babe Ruth is petrifying. Six players from this team are now in the Baseball Hall of Fame, let that set in. A team is lucky to have one Hall of Famer on their team let alone six! This team has been argued as the best team of all-time but on my list, they come in at #2. Sorry, old-timers... 3.) 1932 Yankees (107-47) - Yeah, I guess having six HOF players on your roster is nice, but try NINE. Yes, you read that correctly, the 1932 NYY had 9 Hall of Famers to be on their roster. This is also the year Babe Ruth called his shot in the World Series, so like gotta give them some style points. 4.) 1936 Yankees (102-51) -This team had a big three that would match any trio today. The team featured Lou Gehrig, Joe DiMaggio, and Bill Dickey. Lou Gehrig hit .354 with 49 HR and 152 RBI. Joe DiMaggio hit .323 with 29 HR and 125 RBI. Bill Dickey hit .362 with 22 HR and 107 RBI. Those would be gaudy numbers from the top three in the MVP voting let alone the top three players on your team. 5.) 1999 Yankees (98-64) -This team is a personal favorite of mine. A lot of people will question this team, but I can not state how hard it is to go back to back in the sport of baseball nowadays. The Yankees managed to do it that year in amidst their dynasty and did it convincingly only losing one game in the playoffs. This team featured prime Posada, Jeter, Pettitte, Rivera, Tino, and many other key players. Not to mention a rotation featuring El Duque, Andy Pettitte, David Cone, and Roger Clemens. I think this team would go toe to toe with any team in today's game. I am sure many of you will have some opinions about this list so let me know in the comments below. Or if you do not want to do that check out the post I will make for this blog on my Instagram @theyankeesvoice. -The Commish

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