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The Yankees All Decade Team (2010-2019)

As we continue here into April with no baseball it has given me a lot of time to sit back and reflect on all the baseball I have been able to watch over the past years. Though the Yankees failed to win a World Series this decade for the first time in a long time they still had countless all-stars that made up some very good teams. Today I am going to create my 2010-2019 NYY all-decade team. Before I start I wanted to preface this will not be judged off of one year from one player it will be based on total decade numbers for the most part. Catcher: Gary Sanchez The Yankees have not had one steady catcher for more than 3 years in a row during this past decade. Sanchez will pass that three-year mark whenever the next season is played. Sanchez though having lots of ups and downs is the clear choice here as he has smashed 95 home runs accompanied by his 8.3 combined war as the Yankees catcher. First Baseman: Mark Teixeira Mark Teixeira saw a decline in numbers as the decade went on, but with that said he also had many productive years for the Yanks. Tex hit 164 homers with the Yanks while also winning multiple gold gloves. When healthy, Tex was an All-Star and he was a middle of the order bat for the majority of his time with the Yanks. Second Baseman: Robinson Cano The Yankees have been blessed with All-Star second baseman upon All-Star second baseman this past decade. Between Cano, Starlin Castro, and Gleyber Torres that position has been locked down. Cano played from 2010-2013 this decade with the Yanks never playing less than 153 games during his time, the man was durable. Besides his gold glove defense, Robby put up gaudy numbers in his time with the Yanks hitting above .300 every year and hitting 117 homers as well. Robby was the clear choice here. Shortstop: Didi Gregorius If you have not caught on yet, Didi was my favorite Yankee over these past few years. However, this choice is not biased. Didi had the highest war of any Yankee SS over the past 10 years with a 4.2 in 2018 and 13.8 combined. Jeter was on the back end of his career in the 2010s and did not put up any numbers to say otherwise. Didi in 2017 and 2018 had silver slugger type hitting numbers accompanied with strong defense. Also, his playoff heroics can not go unnoticed as he put the team on his back on multiple occasions. Third Base: Alex Rodriguez A-Rod like Jeter did not exactly play his best baseball in the 2010s, but before his injuries and suspensions caught up with him he put up three solid years from 2010-2012. He had a combined 10.4 war while hitting 64 homers and driving in over 200 runs. A-Rod was kind of won by default here because after he stopped being their every day guy it has been a revolving door. I know the Yanks have Ursehla and Andujar now to choose from, but neither of them played for more than year with the team this past decade. To recap they have had A-Rod, Jayson Nix (ew), Yangervis Solarte who may have had the best first half to a season ever... before teams figured out he couldn't hit a curveball, Chase Headley who came in a close second to A-Rod, Miguel Andujar, and Gio Urshela. Congrats A-Rod, you win because no one else topped your mediocrity. Left Field: Brett Gardner Brett was an easy and obvious choice here. Brett the Jet has been roaming the grass out in left for the majority of the past decade. He has hit over 85 homers with the Yanks and has played a solid left field for them too. Gardy is always a guaranteed tough out and a guy everyone needs on their team. He plays hard and he plays the right way which makes him very easy to respect as a player. Gardy's number over the past decade have not been flashy, but they are truly all you need out of your starting left fielder. On top of all of that he shockingly had a war of 7.4 in 2010. That is no joke right there and that just shows you even though he has had average numbers at the plate that he offers a lot to your team when he plays every day. Centerfield: Curtis Granderson The Grandy Man! Curtis might just be the nicest human to ever live, even though he said Met fans are the real NY baseball fans (we will let that slide). Grandy in two his healthier years with the Yanks (2011-2012) hit 41,43 home runs. Grandy was a good old fashion power hitter whose swing was built for the short porch in right. His speed made up for his weak arm in Center as he was an average defender at best. Grandy had a combined war of 13.8 in his three years with the bombers. Through research, I found that Jacoby Ellsbury played many more games with the Yanks than I thought, but between his contract and the pure mediocrity of his numbers there is I way it could be given to him. Right Field: Aaron Judge There is not much to be said here. Aaron Judge when healthy is an MVP candidate. Between his power at the plate and hit stellar defense in right Judge is a player every manager in the league would want on his team. However, I do have to give credit where credit is due as Nick Swisher had three very productive years with the Yanks from 2010-2012. Also, Ichiro's ONE home run in 2014 made him a tough candidate to ignore. If all goes to plan, Judge will headline the Yankees all-decade team from 2020-2029. Designated Hitter: Giancarlo Stanton This was a weird one for sure. The Yanks, unlike other teams, have not had a consistent DH for multiple years in a row. The DH role has always been reserved for the aging veteran who needs a day off, or the right-handed bat who hits lefties well and vice versa. Girardi was never keen on a set "DH". Stanton had the best numbers in 2018 out of any DH option hitting 38 bombs, driving in 100 runs, and slugging .509. His war also topped all Yankee "DH's" at 4.0 in 2018. Starting Pitchers: CC Sabathia Masahiro Tanaka Luis Severino Phil Hughes Hiroki Kuroda All of these guys had multiple great years on the mound for the Yanks. CC does not need an explanation as he pitched the whole decade with the Yanks learning to reinvent himself when he lost velocity. CC was the horse of the staff and pitched in every big game the Yankees needed him to. Masahiro Tanaka has always been a good second half pitcher for the Yanks since signing him. He has had a career 3.75 ERA with the team and being in the AL East that is very solid. Luis Severino has been electric and frustrating since the start of his career. The stuff is there, but over the past year something appeared to be wrong and he is now finally going to get the surgery he needed a year and a half ago. In 2017 he posted a 2.98 ERA and whiffed 230 batters which is enough to earn him a spot on this list. Phil Hughes is the person you could most argue on this list. In 2010 he won 18 games which I know wins don't matter, but I do think you have to be doing something right for your team to win that much when you are on the mound. Between his straight fastball and big breaking curve that had a tendency to hang he was not built for Yankee Stadium. He pitched much better on the road, but nonetheless he pitched some big games for the Yanks a won a bunch of them to boot. Hiroki Kuroda is a pitcher who is not talked about enough. The man was nearly identical in 2012 and 2013 posting 3.32 and 3.31 ERA's. The year after that he posted a 3.71 ERA. Hiroki was a reliable guy for the Yanks. He was never going to go more than 6/7 innings, but the Yanks didn't need that from him. Hiroki was quietly a top-five pitcher of the decade for this team. The Bullpen: Mariano Rivera Aroldis Chapman David Robertson Dellin Betances Andrew Miller Rafael Soriano Chad Green The Yankees have had a good bullpen for as long as I could remember. If you want to dispute any of these guys I am going to tell you the numbers just simply do not lie. All of these guys have had sub 3 or even SUB 2 ERAs for multiple years with the team. Each one is nastier than the last. The bullpen never has been and will continue to be a strength for this team as two of these guys are still on the team going into their next season. The Yankees have had so many good players and good teams over these past 10 years. It truly is shocking how they have not won a WS over that time frame. If you want to read more about why that is the case go back a couple of blogs to find out why Eduardo Nunez screwed the Yanks out of a WS in 2010. **Warning** it is an emotional rollercoaster. -The Commish

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