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The Yankees Need to Make this Trade

Believe it or not, as each day passes we are getting closer and closer to baseball being played. Though no official plan has been announced and put into motion yet, eventually there will be and when that day comes we can finally get back into normal baseball talk. Many fans such as myself have not wasted their time worrying about flaws in their teams because there has been no baseball played to highlight those flaws. As many would like to forget the NYY announced SP Luis Severino will be missing the year and undergoing Tommy John surgery. Though the Yanks landed Gerrit Cole their rotation still lost a high-end starter in Sevy. I, however, have come up with the perfect solution to this problem. His name is Mike Clevinger. Mike Clevinger is a 29-year-old flame thrower for the Indians averaging 95.4 mph on the gun with his fastball in 2019. Clevinger has come into his own the past three years sporting ERAs of 3.11, 3.02, and most recently 2.71 in 2019. Clevinger struck out a whopping 169 batters in only 126 innings last season. The bottom line is, the dude is a stud and he would make this Yankees rotation deadly. Clevinger has two years of eligibility left on his contract (both arbitration seasons) before he becomes an unrestricted free agent in 2023. Those two years would be an absolute steal for any team as they will be getting Clev in his prime years at an arbitration level salary. We know as baseball fans though, in this sport you have to give something to get something. Teams are not oblivious and they know the Sevy is on the shelf for the 2020 season, so the asking price will not be cheap especially for a pitcher the caliber of Mike Clevinger. So here is my offer to the Indians:

Indians Receive: Clint Frazier (OF), Deivi Garcia (SP), and Estevan Florial (OF) Yankees Receive: Mike Clevinger I already know what you're going to say, so don't say it. The package is not giving up too much. The Indians need outfielders desperately their projected 2020 outfield is Oscar Mercado, Jordan Luplow, and Franmil Reyes. Those are all below average Major League Baseball players. The Yankees have been blessed with a mess of outfielders, one of them being Clint Frazier thanks to a previous deal with the Indians in 2016 when the Yanks dealt Andrew Miller to Cleveland. Frazier is expendable, he has proved to be a subpar glove and professional bat, and honestly the longer the Yanks half play him the more unfair it is to Clint. At some point, a player has to be given the opportunity to starts every day, and with Frazier's bat, he is capable of doing that on 27 other ball clubs. Deivi Garcia hurts a little bit I will not lie. However, in a deal like this, any team will either be demanding Garcia or Jasson Dominguez. For me personally, I would rather hold on to Dominguez. Garcia's short stature along with his slow development of a third out pitch is concerning. I understand he is still very young, but you can not ignore this past spring training where he sported a 7.36 ERA in 7 innings. The Yankees have a window that is open right now to win the World Series and in a perfect world that window will still be open when Garcia is ready to come up, but if I can get a pitcher who can help me win right now I going to do that. Finally, Estevan Florial is an additional outfield prospect that could help benefit the Indians. Florial has a lot of tools and a high ceiling, but he is coming off his worst season yet. He hit .237, slugged an abysmal .383, swiped only 9 bases, and struck out 98 times in 274 ABs. Though the hype for Florial was very high in past years, I do not see him fitting into the Yankees already congested outfield anytime soon. I guarantee the Indians would find him as an instant improvement to their current outfield situation. Like I said earlier, you got to give something to get something but all I know is if you enter a seven-game series featuring Gerrit Cole, Mike Clevinger, James Paxton, and Masahiro Tanaka I will take the Yanks in 4 or 5 games against any team on this planet. Cash, if you are reading this (which I know you are) get this done. I want to be drinking champagne next November. - The Commish

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