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These Three Yankee Traditions Need to get Changed ASAP

The New York Yankees. They are the most successful team in all of sports. The Yanks have been around for over a century and things have gone just about as well as they possibly could have over that span of time. Throughout time, however, the Yanks have developed some traditions and frankly, they are getting a little old. Granted, the Yanks have some great traditions that I think have some meaning and real value behind them. Playing with no names on the back for example. I have always believed in the thought process playing for the name on the front of the jersey, not the back. If you are a good player people will learn who you are anyways. Some traditions are just getting worse with age. Below are my top three, least favorite Yankee traditions that need to get changed ASAP.

1.) No facial hair below the lip. - Come on guys it is 2020. People should be allowed to have facial hair if they want to. They are baseball payers not the President of the United States. The rule is just flat out stupid. The thought that it looks "unprofessional" is just too old school at this point. Players should be allowed to show personality through their facial hair if they would like. The other thing is, some people look really good with a beard, or maybe just really ugly with no facial hair. I am sorry James Paxton, but you look like a 30-year-old 6'5 baby without facial hair. Look at Austin Romine, the man left the Yankees for three months and instantly grew a beard, and he looks great with it! About half of these guys grow beards in the offseason and it suits all of them. Let the guys have some beard action and stop being so stuck in your ways.

2.) Two Uniforms -The Yankees are the only team in baseball who have never featured an alternate uniform. Yes, the pinstripes are fresh, and the grey away uniforms are simple, yet classic. But would it hurt them to throw in a little spice every once in a while? I am a huge fan of their spring training uniforms and the 2018 players weekend uniforms they featured were a nice change of pace. They have so much potential with their colors and their history to create something perfect. I know they have had this tradition too long to change it at this point, but I do not think there would be ay Yankee fans below the age of 70 who would get upset at an alternate uniform.

3.) The "Yankee Way" - Vomit in my mouth. It maybe has not been as bad as it was in the previous years, but I am by far the sickest of this stupid unwritten tradition. Derek Jeter was the quintessential Yankee and that was great for the franchise. But if every player acted like Derek Jeter it would be a team full of robots. Giving reporters the same set 4 answers such as "Whatever to help the team." or "It is a team sport." or "It was in the best interest of the team" or "It was a team effort". The idea of playing for championships I agree with, and I love that winning mentality. However, you have to allow players to have their own personalities and let them play their brand of baseball sometimes. The Yankees do not realize how much we as fans adore these players. Fans are starved for player content, good or bad. The more personality we see from these guys the more relatable they feel. Though improvements have been made over the past five years or so they still have a long way to go.

Hopefully I did not upset too many people with this blog, but if I did comment below and let me hear it! There will be a new blog coming tomorrow. If you have thoughts on what I should write about comment below or comment on my instagram @yankeesvoice!

-The Commish

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