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Top 5 Worst NYY Games Ever

Being a Yankee fan has had more ups than downs. There have been some toughies along the way, however. As a true Yankee fan, read this list below to humble yourself: 5.) Tigers Win 16-0 -On August 27th, 2007 the Yankees got trounced. The normally steady Mike Mussina got lit up as the Yanks went on to get embarrassed by the Tigers. This is the worst NYY road loss in franchise history. 4.) Red Sox Win 10-3 Game 7 2004 ALCS -This one hurts. After leading 3-0 in the series the Sox did the unthinkable and came back to win the series 4-3. To make it worse, the Yanks just rolled over in game seven at home. This opened the gateway for the Sox to win their first World Series since dinosaurs roamed the Earth. 3.) Indians WIn 22-0 -On August 31st, 2004 the Yanks suffered (in terms of runs) their worst loss in franchise history. Javy Vasquez stunk as usual and left early in the second inning. The Yanks were down 15 before the 7th inning stretch. This just shows you how in baseball any team can dominate on any given game seeing that the Indians only won 80 games that season. 2.) Red Sox WIn 16-1 Game 3 2018 ALDS -Some have labeled this game "The Boston Massacre" and the name fits. The Yanks came out flat in a pivotal game three. Severino stunk, the offense stunk, and the worst part was the man on the mound for the Sox was former Yankee Nathan Eovaldi. Nasty Nate pitched like Cy Young that whole postseason, meanwhile the Yanks could never even get him to go more than 4 innings. On top of all of this, the Red Sox won the WS that year. Blah. 1.) 3-2 Diamondbacks Game 7 2001 World Series - You had to see this one coming. Where to even begin... The best reliever of all-time pooped his pants in the one inning it simply could not happen. As Mo threw that ball away, he also threw away what would have been the Yankees 27th WS. The Yanks needed this WS, New York needed this WS. With the country and more specifically NYC coming off the biggest terrorist attack it had ever seen, a Yanks WS trophy would've been nice. I mean if you're gonna lose, for me at least, I would rather see a 500-foot bomb that leaves a hole in the roof of the stadium rather than a soft serve, loopy, jam-shot off the bat of probably one of the most obvious steroid users ever. Yes, Luis, we know you didn't just do some extra pushups in the 2000 offseason to hit an additional 30 home runs in 2001, idiot. Even talking about this game makes me wanna scream. There you have it, the worst Yankee games ever. I know I hated writing this, but sometimes you have to remember failure because it makes success that much sweeter. -The Commish

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