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Top 5 Yankee Managers

The Yankees, unlike many other MLB franchises, have been gifted good luck in terms of their managers. Seeing the success of the franchise naturally they have had some very successful managers as well. Below are the top 5 Yankee managers ever: 1.) Casey Stengel -Casey Stengel led the Yankees to seven World Series titles. The even crazier part is he did so in 12 seasons. That means as the Yankees manager, over the span of 12 years it was more likely than not for them to win the World Series. Doing something like this today in any sport would be unprecedented the only thing comparing is Bellicheck with the Patriots (ha so much more that Pats fans).

2.) Joe McCarthy - Joe McCarthy like Stengel won 7 World Series titles. He, however, did it over the course of 16 seasons, still, nothing to sneeze at! McCarthy is the Yankee all-time leading manager in wins with 1,460 accompanied with an absurd career winning percentage of .627

3.) Joe Torre - Oh, don't we all love Joe? Though it sometimes appeared he wasn't even awake in the dugout, Joe brought the Yankees one of the most recent dynasties in all of sports winning 4 World Series in 5 years. He also had the Yankees appear in 6 World Series in an eight-year span. All in all, I would chalk this up as a success for Joe.

4.) Miller Huggins - Who? Yeah this was back when the Titanic sinking was still big news. Huggins won the Yankees their first three World Series ever after he took over the managerial position in 1918. Though managing back then was probably a lot different and so was baseball, you still have to respect what he did for the franchise historically. To be apart of the first Yankee World Series ever is to be part of the beginning of the biggest century-long dynasty in all of sports. This is all good enough to earn Huggins 4th on this list.

5.) Joe Girardi - This is a slightly controversial pick. Ralph Houk appeared in three World Series from 1961-1963, in his first three-season stint with the Yankees. However, he had a second stint where he was not as successful. I am giving Girardi the nod here because of what he had to work with in terms of talent and circumstances during many parts of his coaching career. Houk walked into a Yankees team who had won 14 World Series in their past 30 seasons. Girardi took over in 2008 when the Yankees had one of their worst rosters ever. He then flipped the switch the next season and won it all for the Yanks in 2009. Also seeing some of those 2013-2016 teams he managed and somehow got 88-90 wins is incredible. Those teams without Joe Girardi would have struggled to go 81-81. Do you agree with my list? Let me know in the comments below. Or comment on my post for this blog on my Yankees Instagram @theyankeesvoice where I post daily highlight videos of past Yankee moments. Thanks for reading! -The Commish

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