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Top Ten John Sterling Home Runs Calls

John Sterling will go down as one of the best radio broadcasters in all of baseball. He has been the radio voice of the Yankees since 1989 and even had a streak of 5060 consecutive games called for the Yanks up until this past July where he took a four-game break. Sterling is known for his hilarious home run calls each made individually for every specific Yankee. Some have been better than others, they are kinda like Dad jokes some most are cringey, but every once and a while you get a knee slapper. Here are the top ten John Sterling Home Run calls: 10.) Robinson Cano-- Robbie Cano! Dontcha know? -This one just rolls off the tongue nicely. This really did not take much work from Sterling to craft this one, it is almost like when a white guy is put on the spot to rap and will rhyme anything that sounds remotely similar. 9.) Curtis Granderson-- "Oh the Grandy Man Can, Oh the Grandy Man Can!" -This is an interesting one because normally before Sterling would sing that line it would be prefaced with "He's something sort of Grandish" which is just terrible. However, listening to John's golden pipes sing the Grandy Man was music to my ears. 8.) Jason Giambi-- "The Giambino!" -Simple but effective. It is such a good one to me whenever I read Giambi's name I can't help but mumble to myself "The Giambino!". An instant classic from John Sterling. 7.) Jorge Posada-- "Jorgie juiced one!" -You know you have been on the team a while when Sterling is calling you by a pet name. This home run call was so iconic in my house that Posada was strictly referred to as "Jorgie" by my mom. 6.) Melky Cabrera-- "The Melk Man delivers!" - Melky always seemed so have a clutch bone in his body so this call is very fitting. It's really a shame there are not more "Melky's" in the league, a top ten name in my book. 5.) Brandon Drury-- "Aaron's the Judge, but Brandon's the Drury!" -The wordplay here is off the charts. The odds that the Yankees had two players on their roster with names that are used in court is unbelievable. I do not exactly know how this one shows that Drury did anything such as hitting a home run, it's too good not to put in the top five. 4.) Alex Rodriguez -- "It's an A-Bomb, from A-Rod!" -A-Rod keeps finding ways into my blogs and I am not sure how he's doing it. I am also not sure if I like this call so much because of the number of times I heard it when I was younger, or maybe because something was so satisfying about watching A-Rod hit bombs and knowing how much that bothered the other teams. 3.) Nick Swisher-- "Swish-a-licious!" -I mean being honest there is no reason as to why this one is good, but it just is. This is call is John Sterling in a nutshell, deal with it. 2.) Raul Ibanez-- "Oh Raul, So Cool!" - This call would be nothing without those pair of home runs in game 3 of the 2012 ALDS vs. the Orioles. The passion Sterling put into the calls, how genuinely excited he was could have gotten me to run through a brick wall at that moment. 1.) Hideki Matsui-- "It's a thrilla ... from Godzilla! The sayonara kid does it again!" - This gives me the chills just thinking about it. Is it a little bit racist? Yes, but hey if Hideki didn't care then nobody else should. I can still hear this call in my head from game 6 of the 2009 World Series when Hideki went bridge against Pedro Martinez (who's your Daddy, Pedro). I hope you all enjoyed the list of home run calls. When I was going through to find these I actually came across so many bad ones I may have to make a list of the top ten worst calls as well. Let me know in the comments below or comment on the post for this blog on my Instagram @theyankeesvoice if you want to see that!

-The Commish

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