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Trivia Thursday

Hope all is well during this crazy time:

I thought I would start a new tradition here on Yankees Voice by adding in a little trivia every week.

It is going to be called Trivia Thursday's and I will post 5 trivia questions below to test your Yankee/ baseball knowledge. Only one rule here on Trivia Thursday and that is NO CHEATING. We use the honor system here. On the Yankees 27 rings, you must swear you will not cheat. Alright? Good. Each question will be harder than the last. The answers will be down at the very bottom of the blog. Comment below how many you got right! Enjoy!

1.) How many World Series rings did the Yankees have in the year 1995?

2.) Who was the 2009 World Series MVP?

3.) Who was the manager of the Yankees in 1995?

4.) Who eliminated the Yankees in the 2010 ALCS? (if you read my last blog you would know... read it)

5.) How many World Series did Yogi Berra win with the Yankees as their catcher?

-The Commish


1.) 22

2.) Hideki Matsui

3.)Buck Showalter

4.) The Texas Rangers

5.) 10

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