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Trivia Thursday

Welcome back to Trivia Thursday! Last week's edition of Trivia Thursday seemed to go over pretty well so it is making its return for the second week in a row! This week's theme will be "2009", the year the Yanks won it all. 2009 was an awesome year for the Yanks so why not reminisce a little bit? As usual, the questions will be below this paragraph and the answers to those questions will be at the very bottom of that page. Each question is intended to be harder than the last. As stated last week we play the honor system here at Yankees Voice so cheating the game is just cheating yourself like the Astros did. Enjoy! 1.) What are the names of the two frontline starters the Yankees signed to their rotation for the 2009 season? 2.) Who was the Yankees primary backup catcher for the 2009 season? 3.) What pitcher got the win for the Yanks in the Game 6 World Series-clinching victory? 4.) How many regular season games did the Yankees win that season? 5.) Who was the losing pitcher for the Phillies in the Game 6 World Series-clinching win for the Yankees? (don't you dare even thinking about cheating) (seriously, do not) (you're no better than Alex Bregman if you do) ANSWERS: 1.) CC Sabathia, and AJ Burnett 2.) Jose Molina 3.) Andy Pettitte 4.) 103 wins 5.) Pedro Martinez- who's your Daddy Pedro?

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