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Trivia Thursday

Welcome back to Trivia Thursday! This is the third edition of Trivia Thursday here on Yankees Voice. This week's theme will be "The Old Yankee Stadium". Everybody loved that old place so why not test your knowledge on it! As usual, the questions will be below this paragraph and the answers to those questions will be at the very bottom of this page. Each question is intended to be harder than the last. As stated last week we play the honor system here at Yankees Voice so cheating the game is just cheating yourself like the Astros did. Enjoy!

1.) When was the last season the Yankees played in the old Yankee Stadium? 2.) What was the most recent year the All-Star Game was played at the old Yankee Stadium? 3.) What year was the last World Series Game played at the old Yankee Stadium? 4.) How far away was right field in the old Yankee Stadium? 5.) Who hit the last home run at the old Yankee Stadium?

(don't you dare even thinking about cheating) (seriously, do not) (you're no better than Jose Altuve if you do) 1.) 2008 season 2.) 2008 season AGAIN 3.) 2003 season ---tough loss :( 4.) 314 feet, same as the new place! 5.) Jose Molina (yes really) September 23rd, 2008

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