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Trivia Thursday

We are back for the sixth Trivia Thursday here on Yankees Voice. This week's theme is... Brett Gardner! He is now officially the last player still active on the Yankees from their 2009 WS title. As usual, the questions will be below this paragraph and the answers to those questions will be at the very bottom of this page. Each question is intended to be harder than the last. As stated last week we play the honor system here at Yankees Voice so cheating the game is just cheating yourself like the Red Sox did. Enjoy!

1.) What year did Brett come up?

2.) What year did Brett infamously bang the dugout roof with his bat in protest of the umpire?

3.) Where did Gardner go to college?

4.) Does Brett Have over or under 250 career stolen bases?

5.) What year was Brett's best statistically (by WAR)?

(don't you dare even thinking about cheating)

(seriously, do not)

(you're no better than AJ Hinch if you do)

1.) 2008

2.) 2019

3.) College of Charleston

4.) Over (267)

5.) 2010 (7.4)

Let me know how many you got right in the comments below! Or if you do not want to comment there, comment on the Instagram post of this blog on our Instagram, @theyankeesvoice! Thanks for reading!

- The Commish

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