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Weekend Recap- Sweep Edition

Man oh man, where do I even start? The New York Yankees stole the Boston Red Sox pride this past weekend then took a steamy deuce on it all while making the Red Sox watch. I mean I would be lying if I said I had high hopes for the Red Sox this season, but my god they stink. The Red Sox starting pitching is thinner than Joe Buck's hair. I could not name you one of their starting pitchers from this past weekend. However, they all fit the same description: middle-aged, white, shitty beard, throws about 88 with a soft changeup, high socks. Did I nail it? Trust me I know the Sox will be resetting their luxury tax after this season, but I think their pitching staff as a whole is gonna need a lot more than one offseason to fix it.

In other news, Aaron Judge is white-hot as he has homered in five straight including a multi-homer game night last night one of which sealing the win for the Yanks. Not only does Judge has 6 bombs but all six have been clutch at the moment, go-ahead shots. God, I love that man. The Yanks offense continues to roll even though the usual suspects continue to scuffle. Gary got a hit ( and he asked for the ball, no seriously he asked for that baseball). Gardy still looks lost, but he will come around. The offense is not an issue right now if anything it is the pitching staff. James Paxton was concerning again last night. His fastball is 4-5 mph slower than last year which is never a good sign. This time last year he was topping at 100 mph and so far this season he has topped at only 93, topping at 92 last night. This is something to watch because most pitchers don't lose 5 mph over the offseason. Hopefully, it is some rust he is working off, but I would say that is unlikely. Tommy Kahnle is getting Tommy John surgery which is a big blow to the Yanks bullpen. Prayers up for Tommy tight pants. Tanaka looked subpar in his inaugural outing of the season, but we will try and give him a pass seeing his career numbers at Yankee Stadium versus the Red Sox. The Yankees are going to need for him to figure it out.

News out of Tampa Bay, the Rays STINK. Imagine getting swept by the lowly Baltimore Orioles, just imagine!? The Orioles in game three of the series felt bad, they were like hey Tampa, we feel terrible for taking the first two of the series. You know what? We will start the definition of mediocrity in Tommy Milone on Sunday for you guys okay? Tommy. Milone. He held the Rays to one run. Man, this makes me laugh because it was not more than a week ago when I was reading article after article saying "THE RAYS ARE BUILT FOR THE SHORT SEASON, MY SNEAKY PICK FOR THE AL EAST." Ahahahahaha. Fat chance. The Rays couldn't hit water if they were on a boat stranded in the middle of the Atlantic. The only threat looks like the Bue Jays who are my pick to grab the second division division spot. Oh, how times change...


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