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What Have You Done For Me Lately Jordan Montgomery?

The season is approaching and with the newly implemented 30 man rosters, some decisions are going to need to be made. In just about every single roster projection for NYY Jordan Montgomery has been listed as their #5 starter. For me, I am unsure as to why this is the consensus choice. As I watch videos of Clarke Schmidt throw wiffleball sliders that make Yankee sluggers look puzzled, I wonder as to why we are so ready to hand this role to "Gumby" on a silver platter.

Montgomery, coming off Tommy John Surgery, has really only pitched one season in the league. In 2017 Jordan was steady with a 3.88 ERA in his rookie campaign. In 2018 he threw about 28 innings, where once again he was sharp with a 3.62, but 28 innings is not enough for me to give it any legitimacy. 2019 was a wash for the lefty as he was able to return in late September chucking 11 innings for the bombers.

If you told me we are for sure getting 2017 Montgomery back of course he can have a spot in the rotation, but that is far from a guarantee. The idea of catching lightning in a bottle with a Clarke Schmidt or a Deivi Garcia is an intriguing proposition for sure. I do not want this article to be so directed at Montgomery because he has done nothing wrong. Honestly, I think the best case scenario is Jordan pitches well, Happ stinks because he's old and decrepit and one of the Yankees young bucks gets to shine in the rotation.

I guess what I am trying to get at here is the season is short. You have 60 games to make an impact and to make the playoffs. It would be a shame to watch the Yanks throw a few games away because they keep trying to ride out Montomgery as he figures out his stuff. Do not be afraid to give the kids a chance Aaron, you never know when you're gonna strike gold.

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