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Who Wins in a Fight? --Judge vs. Stanton--

I am not sure if this is going to become a new series on the blog or not, but I guess it depends if you guys enjoy this one. This also in the future could not just be limited to the Yankees it could expand to the whole MLB. Anyways let's get into it.

-Let's size them up first-

Aaron Judge

6'7" / 282lbs / age 28

Giancarlo Stanton

6'6" / 245lbs / age 30

Alright, so Judge has the size advantage here and is also younger. However, this could be taken in another direction. Stanton maybe a little more agile seeing he is smaller. Both are also coming off many injuries over the past few years so health will be called even. We know Stanton can take a punch seeing that he took a fastball to the kisser about 3 years back with the Marlins so he may be slightly more durable.

Intimation will play a huge factor in this fight. Aaron Judge's tooth gap is very scary because everyone knows he could get it fixed, but he doesn't. That means he is so confident in how it looks he does not give two damns about what others think. Stanton (assuming the fight is shirtless) is possibly the most toned human being in the MLB.

Stanton has shown a lot of fire even just during his career (insert bat flip vs. the Rangers). Judge has gotten pumped, but very rarely that angry kind pumped up. Judge just seems like too nice of a guy to throw hands on his own.

All in all, I think if these guys fought ten times it would be 5/5 or 6/4. However, if I were a betting man I would take Giancarlo Stanton in an all-out anything goes brawl. I think he would be quicker than Judge, I think he would be more balanced and aggressive than Judge.

-The Commish

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