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Why Gleyber Torres Will Be the Next AL MVP

I know... I know. Bold statement right there, but hear me out.

Gleyber Torres just recently turned 23 years old. He is so young, some may say too young to be an MVP and with that, I would disagree. Mike Trout and Bryce Harper both won their own MVP at age 22 in 2014 and 2015. If they play this season Gleyber will be one year older than both of these guys with more experience under his belt. Three main factors will lead towards Gleyber's MVP season next year (barring injury of course, please God no more injuries). These three factors are his new position, his increasing power numbers, and the city he plays in. With the recent departure of Didi Gregorius (read my most recent blog if you want to reminisce), Gleyber Torres will comfortably slide into the shortstop position for the New York Yankees. Let's all be honest here, SS is the king of the infield. No matter what every player says, when they were a kid everyone dreams of being a shortstop, unless they are left-handed (gross). Take one of the MLB's biggest stars, Manny Machado. Why did he not want to sign with the Yankees last offseason? He wanted to play shortstop and the Yankees had that position more than covered. He played short with the Dodgers for half a year and realized he loved it, Manny came up a shortstop. He then decided in the offseason to find a team that would cater to those needs. Funny enough a young man by the name of Fernando Tatis Jr. kinda crapped all over Manny's dreams by scooping up that spot. However, I think Manny will be able to sleep at night on his 300 million dollar mattress. The point is, shortstop is the most coveted position in baseball, and with that comes a lot of news and attention. Baseball likes to show off their young new players especially if they are a shortstop. Think about last year, who out of the young players who got lots of coverage? Fernando Tatis Jr., Bo Bichette, Gleyber Torres, all young middle infielders, two being SS's. Shortstop is one of those positions where defense is valued quite a bit, you are considered "elite" if you play your post well, hit over .275, and maybe hit 15-20 home runs. That is where Gleyber is different.

Gleyber was brought up as a SS so his defensive will be there, but his offensive is otherworldly for the shortstop position. At age 22, he hit 38 home runs, at age 21, he hit 24 home runs, in 2/3 of a season. Gleyber is only going to continue to hit more and more. Bryce Harper in his age 22, MVP season hit 42 home runs. Mike Trout in his age 22 season MVP season only hit 36 home runs while only hitting .287 might I add. Also, unlike many other power threats on teams, people are going to have to pitch to Gleyber. When you have other power sources such as Gary Sanchez, Aaron Judge, Giancarlo Stanton, and Luke Voit, you have to pitch to someone and I think in terms of getting a fastball Gleyber is likely to see some. Gleyber unlike many of the guys I just listed is also able to hit to all fields. He has a short porched Yankee Stadium which is such a huge advantage as he can be late on a 98 mph heater and be rewarded with a dinger. Let's not forget what he did to the Orioles last year either, I take it back, maybe they won't give him fastballs. If they do though, there is about a 99.9% chance he is taking it 450 to left just to make Gary Thorne, the O's announcer, moan one more time. One again, if healthy, Gleyber will hit 40+ homers next year and seeing his average has been consistent throughout the minors and majors that will be enough for MVP numbers as well.

Lastly, Gleyber Torres is a New York Yankee. Whether or not we want to admit it Yankee fans, their players get the most coverage out of any players in all of sports. Do you think the MLB would not mind having their MVP of the 2020 season be the New York Yankees starting shortstop? You are crazy if you think not because that is all they want. The Yankees get some of the most nationally publicized games out of all the teams, and that means more opportunities for Gleyber to make his mark on this league in front of hundreds of thousands of people.

Even though we all know a full season will not be played this year, and maybe not even any season (please say it ain't so), this may make things different so here are my final remarks. In the next full season of the MLB, Gleyber Torres will be the AL MVP. My projected stat line is as follows:

| .290 average | 46 home runs | 118 RBI | .350 OBP | .550 SLG | 1 AL MVP Award | Don't make me look stupid here Gleyber, now the pressure is on...

- The Commish

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