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Will the Orioles Ever be Good?

Awwww Baltimore, you've got to be quicker than that! This organization is a pathetic excuse for a baseball team. PATHETIC. Not only did the Yankees trot their worst starter out there, while the O's started their "ace", not only did the Yanks let the O's try to take the lead, not only did the Yankees refuse to use any real relievers, but the Yanks basically said, come on Orioles here is a free win TAKE IT. But no, the Orioles shat their pants and let it dribble down their leg in classic Baltimore Orioles fashion. You already knew the Yanks were gonna come back, yeah let's pitch to Aaron Judge 3-1 and not pitch to Tyler Wade. What a bunch of idiots, literal idiots.

The Yanks win another, this one powered by a Luke Voit grand slam and a HUGE 3 run nuke by Aaron Judge. This is the biggest win of the year for the Yanks, there first "signature" win so far. Happ was buttcheeks as usual going four innings giving up four earned runs. Johnny Lasagna was not exactly great either giving up a huge two-run bomb to the O's in the bottom on the eight to give them the lead. Luckily he had Judge bail him out in the ninth. If Judge did not come up clutch there were going to be a lot of questions as to why Johnny was still in that game in the eighth. Boone after the game said Kahnle was unavailable and more is supposed to come about that today (fingers crossed). Luckily for the Yanks, it all worked out and their utter domination of this franchise continues. Winning their 18th in a row against them and 17th in a row at Camden Yards... just embarrassing. Also thanks Orioles for giving it your best shot at injuring the two best Yankees on the roster. Absolute losers.

Gary Sanchez continues to stink out loud as he struck out two more times, still hitless on the season. The worst part of his slump isn't even himself. It's these moronic Yankee fans and big Yankee accounts who will schlob on this mans knob at all costs. Just admit when someone is playing terribly. "Oh, you just wait until he is hot again." Yes, I am sure he will recover, but the fact of the matter right now is he could not be playing any worse even if he tried. Gary has been declining for two years now and just thinking he is going to turn into 2017 Gary again is ignorant. He is destined to be a sub .240 hitter. Yes, he hits home runs, yes he hits the ball hard. He is playing right now because there are no other options. I am not attached to Gary Sanchez anymore and neither should you be. I hope this sparks some controversy because some of you diehard Gary fans need to take a good look in the mirror and wake up.


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